Primitive /split w​/​FACADA

by Stheno

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Produced by Stheno & Stelios Koslidis
Mix / Master by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis
Recorded at Dry field studio Volos / Greece 2016

The "Primitive" split album is a co-release through:
D.I.Y Koło records (PL) -
Laja records (BRZ) - /
Drunk with power (GR) -
Scull crasher records (GR) - /
All songs by Stheno
City baby attacked by rats by G.B.H.


released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Stheno Volos, Greece

Stheno is a Grindcore/black metal/crust band
from Volos/Greece , formed in December 2013 and
includes members of Bedlam and Unfit Earth.

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Track Name: Stheno
blind submission,bloody war
blind faith in a tyrant

asphyxiation,a disbelief in gods
a fake moral guidance

a million lives,a million lies
ravish without mercy
crime and violence,hate,distrust
behind every curtain

asphyxiation,a disbelief in gods
a fake moral guidance

plastic bullets and hopeless eyes to stare
your ill bred castle is destroyed

trapped into this everlasting
prison without cause and fate
all life is about to die
Track Name: Downpour
judgement from the strong
facing the unknown
assembling victims for the imminent onslaught
no hope,no future
salvation now is lost
revealing darkness at the downpour of the world

i feel no remorse for the past
the chains are broken now
earth is abandoned
and hell is full of hungry hounds
the time has come to turn
our hearts and minds to war

our lives are setted
the history unfolds
we hide our heads in sand forever
the nails you shutted
a gender prison beast
for pledges we fullfil determine

stolen lives,a living hell for all
Track Name: Hoist the shame
a midnight dreary
between the damned
archaic rupture
gutters of wrath

upon this great day
i hoist the shame
eager to bestow
eyes of the lame

of righteous comfort
leaders of men
inbuilt of braces
fragile construct

upon this great day
i hoist the shame
eager to bestow
eyes of the lame

lungs filled with ashes
king of the wreck
where is your god now
my dearest friend

upon this great day
i hoist the shame
eager to bestow
eyes of the lame
Track Name: Conceit marries power
basking in a fossil bomb
overlords of chaos

conceit - marries - power

abolition of the sects
hand in hand with tremor

conceit - marries - power

unable to think
disciples rose
world - without end
summon our flaws

weakly fools
sextons shining repulse

conceit - marries - power
Track Name: Captives of life
reclamation,a lifetime slips away
from fallen masses,arise

draining the power
captives of life

all is silent,illusion propagates
throughout the future,oppose

draining the power
captives of life

confrontation,the world is ripped apart
all crippled morals,detain

last call,paralyze
all the ways are blocked
a trip to pleasure

plastic knowledge,the clock is on the run
fragments of delight,corrode

enmity awakes
set off
Track Name: Inclussion dissuading (feat.Takafumi Matsubara)
we cleave the progress
inclussion dissuading
stand at the edge of life
decisions have been made

accepting convinience
self mental disobedience

regardless how you grow
wherever the wind blows
world defiance
to natural control

accepting convinience
self mental disobidience

we pushed it all too far
we gave a fragile promise
reeducate yourselves
to flee is not an option

crucial is every battle
a hopeless cause
collision courses,outspreaded